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Stay together friends

Don't scatter and sleep

Our friendship is made

of being awake


Stay here, quivering with each moment

Like a drop of mercury

(Rumi poem)

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There is a common expression popular in the integral and authentic worlds of think globally, act locally. I found that think globally, act locally becomes much easier if I can actually find the people and activities nearby. I found way too many accidents are involved in finding people and events related to this authentic world mindset, making it too hard to connect and just feel that you are not alone in doing this, so I scratch my itch on this in the hope you will find it useful.

As Bryan and Decker often remind us, there is no cookie cutter authentic form. We are all individuals and all have our own way to find and embrace. In my writing my way of course shines through. I hope you find inspiration where my way feels good for you, and another way when it does not feel good. Please let me know in either case, knowing I inspired someone warms my heart, learning of other ways feeds my mind.

This site is starting up, please add yourself too, so others know to reach out to you!

Finding authentic relating by ...

I gather the opportunities to authentically relate in an activity calender so you can find them by date (or even integrate them in your own online agenda) and in a map of the world to find opportunities by location.

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As a brainy-guy, in my path into and through this, I've gathered all kind of related, complementary or competing terms, concepts and ideas gathered in books and courses and trainings.